Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Green Certification for Websites

Many innovative ways are introduced everyday to control carbon footprint, specially after The Copnehagen summit. Seems every individual arround has started discovering ways to give his contribution to this noble cause.

Green initiatives are not only eco friendly but also they are considered as potential business opportunities. One such intiative is "Green Certified Site".

What is a Green Certified Site?

A website with a Green Certified Icon. THis Certifies that website owner has taken steps to make his website environment friendly. Every website has a carbon footprint and for this reason, it contributes to climate change. It has a carbon footprint because electricity is required to power the servers that hostthe website, the computers used to view it, and the global networks that connect them. Much of that electricity is created from the burning of fossil fuels, like coal, oil and natural gas, all of which emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. While many people may assume that websites have negligible carbon footprints, that is not the case. According to studies, the global carbon emissions due to information and communications technology are greater than those of the entire aviation industry. In fact, studies suggest that infotech as a whole may contribute 2% of the world's carbon emissions, and many expect it to grow significantly in the next decade. Websites contribute to massive global footprint.

How does it work?

Green certification providers and green consultants have various ways to measure and manage Carbon Emission of a particular website.
Typically there is a three step methodology:
1. Monitor Energy Usage
2. Energy management tips and plan
3. Purchases the appropriate amount of audited renewable energy from wind and solar farms

Mostly a software suite is used to do the monitoring work.


1. Improved performance
2. Reduced energy usage and increased energy effiicency.
3. Improved visitor engagements
4. Carbon footprint neutralization.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Customized Virus solution

Hi All,

Many of us have viruses in their system but they are not sure which virus is this? and how to conquer it? I have come up with a new idea in which i can provide you all a manual virus solution according to the nature of virus attack.

If you wish to seek the solution follow these simple steps

  1. Download Latest version of hijackthis
  2. Run it and save hijackthis log on your hard drive.
  3. List down all the PC related problems you are facing.
  4. Attach the hijackthis log and mail me all your PC related problems to my email id
  5. I would try to resolve your problem.
Note: Hijackthis software doesn't steal any secret information of your PC, it just list out the processes.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Virus Removal : Kamsoft.exe, ckvo.exe, autorun.inf : Folder within folder

Hi All,

Its being a long time since i have written anything.

Today i have come up with a solution to a new virus problem. This is called Kamsoft.exe :)

Most of the PCs may be infected by this new virus, and the channel for this virus is our all time favourite USB drive.

High Level Symptoms:

1. It creates within a folder which is of approx. 603 KB in size.
2. It disables regedit
3. You can't see hidden files and folders i.e it disables hidden files and folder options in Control Panel.
4. It may disable msconfig.
5. It makes your PC very slow.
6. Attacks all drives and modifies mount points key in registry so that when you double click on drives they open in new window instead of opening in same window

Action performed by the Virus:

1. This malware creates the following entry in the registry :


2. It creates or may create following files in Root and other drives. C:\, D:\ etc.
  • uuuq.exe
  • ktnquo.exe
  • vxl.exe
  • oq.cmd
  • fe.bat
  • kk3.bat
  • rs.cmd
  • autorun.inf

3. Following files may be found in System32 folder:

  • ckvo.exe
  • ckvo0.exe
  • ckvo1.exe
  • kamsoft.exe

Vius Removal

1. Start the computer in safe mode by pressing F8 during booting

2. Open Registry Editor (if Registry Editor is disabled Goto step no. 3 else goto 4)


  • Hit Windows+R to bring up Run (Start>Run)
  • Type in gpedit.msc and click OK
  • For regedit : In the Group Policy window, browse to User Configuration>Administrative Templates>System, you will see a small entry named “Prevent access to registry editing tools“. Double click that entry. Check the Disabled option, and click OK. Your regedit.exe has just been enabled.

4. Search for (Ctrl+F) ckvo.exe, delete all entries (Repeat same for Kamsoft.exe, atuorun.inf)

5. Goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2\

delete all the keys starting with {........}

For Example:

In the above key delete {05ef6149-5e60-11dd-8a88-0003254ecf1b}

6. Open the command prompt go to C:\>

7. type attrib so you can see the hidden files in root drive

8. To clear the attributes of malware files type
  • attrib -s -h -r filename
  • e.g. attrib -s -h -r autorun.inf

9. Delete the filename by typing

  • del filename
  • e.g. del autorun.inf

10. repeat steps 8 and 9 for all files of malware.

(Note don't delete the system files)
  • ntldr
  • hiberfil.sys
  • io.sys
  • pagefile.sys
  • autoexec.bat
  • boot.ini
  • config.sys
  • msdos.sys
  • etc.

11. look for the files of malware in all other partitions and delete them using steps 7-10.

12. go to c:\windows\system32>
13. type

  • attrib -s -h -r kamsoft.exe
  • attrib -s -h -r ckvo.exe
  • attrib -s -h -r ckvo.dll
  • attrib -s -h -r ckvo0.dll
  • attrib -s -h -r ckvo1.dll
  • del kamsoft.exe
  • del ckvo.exe
  • del ckvo0.dll
  • del ckvo1.dll
  • del ckvo.dll

14. Some files in system32 may not delete then you should logoff once and logon to delete any files associated with this malware

15. Now open Registry editor go to

Change the DWORD value of Checked Value from 0 to 1.

16. Now go to folder options and change the hidden file attributes and show system files options. You should be able to see all hidden files.

17. Turnoff the system restore and turn it on again so the previous restore points will be deleted

18. Delete all files which are of 603 kb in size after searching them.

Comments are welcome. You may seek help or reply me @